rap das armas redux

i have been obsessed with “rap das armas” since i saw tropa de elite. it turns out that the song has a long history. this is installment 3 in the ongoing “chris stays up all night surfing for weird hiphop videos from foreign countries and includes them in a long ass blog post that’s 90% embedded videos” series.

it seems share some characteristics with “paper planes” in that it’s based on a popular 80’s song and details life on the streets for a group of people forgotten or ignored by society. according to the wiki article, the hook for rap das armas comes from “your love” though i don’t see it. however, i understand the words to your love, so that might actually inhibit my interpretation:

the original “rap das armas” was released in 1994 by MC’s junior e leonardo (tropa de elite takes place in the late 90’s) notice how samples of gunshots are prominently featured, just like “paper planes”:

here’s “paper planes” for reference:

apparently a modified version of that appears in the film, and cidinho e doca remade it *after* the film:

my portuguese is really weak, but i think the words are significantly different.

the version of the song that appears in the film has more african sounding beats, which are reminiscent of angolan kuduro (angola is a former portuguese province, much like brazil). here are a couple of kuduro videos, notice the prominence of dancing, just like the new orleans bounce videos i posted before:

after tropa de elite and cidinho e doca brought the song back to popularity, there have been a lot of remixes. this samba version is my favorite:

this one is neat too, it’s set over a sample from “planet rock”:

if you aren’t familiar with 80’s b-boy tunes, here’s “planet rock”:

more itunes induced panic

itunes causes a lot of panic in my social circle.

being the only tech support person for my family, i am often called upon to solve problems that are beyond my skill to heal. today’s problem involves the syncing of itunes to a new PC, when the old PC is no more. the hope is to take the music from an ipod touch, and add it in to itunes. the problem of course, is that itunes wants to erase what’s on the ipod, and replace it with what’s on the PC, which is nothing.

i had a sneaking suspicion that all was lost, since most consumer devices that facilitate ripping a CD (like the original xbox) almost never let you move the files to another device. apple had to suck so much RIAA cock to allow itunes to exist in the first place, they are basically required by law to screw their consumers when it comes to transferring devices.

i turned to google for assistance, and the first search result is an apple fanboy/shill trying to stay on-message while he tells a new user that he’s completely fucked:

first comes the butthurt:

followed by the “it’s not a bug… you just don’t know what you are talking about” response:
proper fucked!

also, no one makes backups. ever. just sayin’.

and when i look at the “more like this” box, it’s full of people who have the same problem:
everyone loves the old in-out-in-out

apple is a big company, supposedly bigger than microsoft, and big enough to have it’s own private police force. surely they can stand up to the RIAA and tell them how it is, but alas, i guess not. too bad for their consumers.

i had to download a utility to be able to copy the files off, which all have randomly generated names. thankfully i know script-fu, but what about the people who don’t? what happens to them?

if you having snycing problems i feel bad for you son, i got 99 problems, but playing my pirated shit on my player of choice ain’t one.

lawrence lessig addresses google about campaign finance reform

this is a *really* informative talk by lessig about how corporate influence over the government is THE central issue facing our nation.

the most interesting thing in the talk, to me, is the idea of keeping all things temporary so that you can squeeze corporations for money when it comes time to raise funds again.

when i heard that i had one of those keanu reeves “woah” moments.