more itunes induced panic

itunes causes a lot of panic in my social circle.

being the only tech support person for my family, i am often called upon to solve problems that are beyond my skill to heal. today’s problem involves the syncing of itunes to a new PC, when the old PC is no more. the hope is to take the music from an ipod touch, and add it in to itunes. the problem of course, is that itunes wants to erase what’s on the ipod, and replace it with what’s on the PC, which is nothing.

i had a sneaking suspicion that all was lost, since most consumer devices that facilitate ripping a CD (like the original xbox) almost never let you move the files to another device. apple had to suck so much RIAA cock to allow itunes to exist in the first place, they are basically required by law to screw their consumers when it comes to transferring devices.

i turned to google for assistance, and the first search result is an apple fanboy/shill trying to stay on-message while he tells a new user that he’s completely fucked:

first comes the butthurt:

followed by the “it’s not a bug… you just don’t know what you are talking about” response:
proper fucked!

also, no one makes backups. ever. just sayin’.

and when i look at the “more like this” box, it’s full of people who have the same problem:
everyone loves the old in-out-in-out

apple is a big company, supposedly bigger than microsoft, and big enough to have it’s own private police force. surely they can stand up to the RIAA and tell them how it is, but alas, i guess not. too bad for their consumers.

i had to download a utility to be able to copy the files off, which all have randomly generated names. thankfully i know script-fu, but what about the people who don’t? what happens to them?

if you having snycing problems i feel bad for you son, i got 99 problems, but playing my pirated shit on my player of choice ain’t one.

more on the MAFIAA bunker mentality

you this has been discussed at least once.techdirt has a new post about the back and forth between a MAFIAA-oso and a blogger from gigaom.

the gist of the gigaom post is that the american economy is backsliding into the toilet, which means that folks might be cancelling their subscriptions to legit services in order to save money.

the MPAA response is unsurprisingly clueless. in the techdirt post, masnick call this “shooting the messenger”:

But the MPAA and Swartsel are so in denial that apparently they’ve decided to “shoot the messenger.” This is all to typical of the MPAA. Rather than adapt and deal with reality, the folks there like to pretend the world is a very different place and will attack any messenger who shows otherwise. Honestly, Swartsel’s post reads the same way an MPAA blog post would have read a decade ago if it had a blog back then.

“shooting the messenger” is a classic symptom of bunker mentality. rather than listen to what is being said, and reading the writing on the wall, this MPAA blogger just closes her eyes and starts swinging.

i find the whole “stealing isn’t saving” nugget to be pretty funny. the logic that the MPAA and its ilk would have you believe is that they are losing money, which i kind of have trouble believing, since they’re still in business after a decade of “losing billions”.

so it’s not that the MAFIAA is losing money, it’s that they aren’t making as much as they used to. so not making money is the same as losing money, and saving money by going with the unauthorized version is apparently the same thing as stealing money. talk about your reality distortion fields :-)

wow, and i thought new orleans was corrupt

apparently paul brown stadium was one of the worst decisions cincinnati ever made. a lot of the stuff in the article sounds like incompetence on the part of the negotiators for the city, until you read this little nugget:

Negotiations between the Bengals and the county were ultimately handled by a three-person county board of commissioners. One of those commissioners, Bob Bedinghaus, joined the Bengals in 2001 and is now the team’s director of business development.

the MAFIAA problem: bunker mentality

you'll get my money when you pry it from my cold dead feathers!!i am a fan of the nervittles blog, and while reading a recent post, i was introduced (or sort of re-introduced) to a concept known as the bunker mentality.

in essence, the bunker mentality is a psychology of desperate defense. it happens on the battlefield when you are in a literal fight for your life, as in surrounded, outgunned, outnumbered, low on ammunition… heroic last stand type stuff.

this also happens off the battlefield when you are so focused on your immediate problem that you treat all outsiders as enemies and quit listening to all advice, even the good advice that could help you eliminate, or at least minimize your immediate problem.

so what does the MPAA/RIAA/world+dog have to do with drama between a telco blogger and Digium? bunker mentality.

the legacy content industry is dying. the business of selling physical media is in decline. this has more to do with market changes than it does with piracy. the rate of that decline is subject to much speculation. the various content industries would have you believe that they are losing billions of dollars a year as a direct result of filthy scumm pirates. i find that hard to believe.

as an avid reader of (and commenter on) techdirt, i read and write a lot about the need for the content industry (movie studios, record labels, and book publishers) to embrace new business models and the response from the trolls, shills, and the occasional industry type is a resounding “hell no!”

i think that this has more to do with emotions and perceptions than actual logic or reality. the truth is that when your business is in decline, you are basically gripped with fear. this fear makes you circle the wagons and dig in for that last stand.

the problem with that approach can best be answered by history. there are many great tales of last stands against a superior force: thermopylae, little big horn and the alamo, are all great stories of heroes who fought bravely to the bitter end. the things to keep in mind about those stories is that the heroes died at the end. if you have no other choice, the decision to go down swinging is a brave and noble one, but if you do have a choice, any other option seems like a better one.

the content industry has basically decided to go down with the ship when they are surrounded by lifeboats. to me, it seems utterly stupid. maybe the industry sees this as form of honorable suicide, like seppuku.

it really is *just* a game also: epic troll is epic

dogs are great, i love them, but i also love free speech. also, this might just be the best troll i have ever seen.

here is a not very well thought out screed against a dog fighting video game. it should go without saying the IRL dog fights with IRL dogs are universally bad, but i’ll say it anyway. also i totally don’t care about the game.

total disregard for the game aside, if “the best friends animal society” have been using the internet for more than a week, they have probably heard about the streisand effect and should totally stop feeding the trolls.

moving on to the screed itself, it’s littered with fallacies:
1) who the hell is “Android software” to whom you attribute this “bad idea”? you name the game developer as Kage Games, LLC, in the blog post, so it’s their bad idea to make this stupid game.

2) The Big Brother of the Internet has declared war on dog lovers with one of its latest offerings. –LOL WHUT? android is a PLATFORM, and the google marketplace is a MARKETPLACE. that statement is like saying, “grand theft auto is a terrible game and microsoft should be ashamed of itself for offering it for sale in its bestbuy stores”.

3) the fact that Google/Android sees fit to promote animal cruelty and criminal activity in this way either owes to the fact that they are utterly clueless or is a measure of their greed, bad taste and arrogance – which of course are their right. –UGH, i think i just got irony poisoning…

you go francis battista! this is america, the land where anyone has the right to say any stupid thing they want! get your mob together, grab some torches and pitch forks, and storm google’s headquarters. cuz we all know that animal rights types need more people to assume that they are crackpots.

itunes fail leads to frantic facebook post

a facebook friend of mine got locked out of her music because itunes decided that she was no longer authorized.

ZOMG ituenz fail!!1!

this is exibit A in the case of pirated digital content being a superior product when compared to downloads which are mired in DRM and other central management crud.

(i am not the chris who replied. i wouldn’t know how to use itunes if you put a gun to my head)